Professor Freedman's
Prealgebra ONLINE Homework Schedule
Spring 2024
(15 week course)

Text: Prealgebra by Miller, O'Neill & Hyde, 3rd Edition, McGrawHill, Inc.,2020

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WEEK of 1/17

Homework Assigned

Watch the following videos:

Introduction to Algebra -Exponents, Absolute Values & Order of Operations

Addition & Subtraction of Signed Numbers

Complete in through CANVAS Assignments #1 & 2 & 2A

Now complete quiz #1 in through CANVAS
 QUIZ #1 in through CANVAS on the first 2 videos

Homework Tips (Week 1)

WEEK of 1/22

Homework Assigned

Watch the following videos:

Multiplication & Division of Signed Numbers

Order of Operations on Signed Numbers

Evaluating an Algebraic Expression

Commutative, Associative & Distributive Properties

Now complete Assignment #3 and quiz #2 in through CANVAS
 QUIZ #2 in through CANVAS on the Multiplication & Division of Signed Numbers, Evaluating an Algebraic Expression and Distributive Property

  Homework Tips (Week 2) 

WEEK of 1/29

Homework Assigned:
Watch the following videos:

Combining Like Terms

Solving Linear Equations (Part 1)

Solving Linear Equations with Multiple Steps (Part 2)

Complete Assignment #4 (Combining Like Terms) and #5 (Equations Part 1) and #6 (Equations Part 2) , #6 (Equations Party 2)

QUIZ #3 in through CANVAS


WEEK of 2/5

Homework Assigned:
Watch the following videos:

Proper & Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Simplifying Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions

Complete Assignments #7, #8 , #9 and #10 (Practice Test- Study Guide) in through CANVAS

QUIZ #4 (Proper & Improper Fractions, Simplifying Fractions, Mult. & Div. of Fractions), and PRACTICE TEST (Homework #10) in through CANVAS


WEEK of 2/12

MAJOR TEST in through CANVAS on Chapters,1,2,3 and part of 4


WEEK of 2/19

Homework Assigned:

Watch the following videos:

Writing Equivalent Fractions

Ordering Fractions

Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Same Denominator

Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators,

Multiplication of Mixed Numbers,

Division of Mixed Numbers,

In Aleks through Canvas Complete
Assignment #11 (Equivalent Fractions and Ordering Fractions, & Adding Fractions with Like Denominators)

Assignment #12 (Add and Subtract Fractions), Assignment #13 ( Multiplication & Division of Mixed Numbers)

QUIZ #5 (Equivalent Fractions, Ordering Fractions, Add, Subtract, Mult. & Div. Fractions (Mixed Numbers)


WEEK of 2/26

Homework Assigned:
Watch the following videos:

Addition of Mixed Numbers

Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

Order of Operations with Mixed Numbers,

Rounding Decimals,

Ordering Decimals,

Ordering & Adding Decimals,

In through CANVAS Complete Assignment#14 (Addition of Mixed Numbers), #15 (Subtraction of Mixed Numbers with Borrowing) , Assignment #16 (Order of Operations with Fractions), Assignment #17 (Decimal Notation & Rounding), Assignment #18 (Practice Midterm Exam)

Assignment #18 (Practice Test) STUDY FOR MIDTERM EXAM - DO PRACTICE TEST


WEEK of 3/4
MIDTERM EXAM in through CANVAS on Chapters,2,3,4 and Rounding and Ordering Decimals  
WEEK of 3/11
Spring Break  
WEEK of 3/18

Homework Assigned:

Watch the following videos:

Decimals - Multiplication & Division by Powers of Ten

Changing Fractions to Decimals & Decimals to Fractions

 Mean, Median, Mode  

In through CANVAS Complete Assignment #19 (Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10 and Rounding Quotients) , Assignment #20 (Writing Fractions to Decimals and Decimals to Fractions), Assignment 21 (Mean, Median, Mode)

WEEK of 3/25

Watch the following videos


 Rate & Unit Rate

Solving Proportions

Assignment #22 (Ratio, Rate), Assignment #23 ( Solving Proportions)

QUIZ #6 (Ratio, Rate, Proportion)

WEEK of 4/1

Homework Assigned:

Watch the following videos:

 Solving Proportion Word Problems

Converting Percents to Decimals & Decimals to Percents

Complete assignment #24 (Solving Proportion Word Problems), Assignment #25(Converting Percents, Fractions & Decimals)

QUIZ #7 in through CANVAS On Proportion Word Problems -- Definitely use a calculator for this one!

WEEK of 4/8

Homework Assigned:

Watch the following videos: 

Solving Percent Problems Using the Proportion Method

Assignment #26 (Solving Little Percent Word Problems by the Proportion Method) ,Assignment #27 ( Solving Bigger Percent Problems),

AND Assignment #28( Practice Test on Proportions & Percents - Study Guide)

WEEK of 4/15

Homework Assigned:
Watch the following video: Plotting Points through CANVAS
Complete Assignment #29 (Plotting Points)


WEEK of 4/22


Homework Assigned : Complete Assignment #30 PRACTICE FINAL EXAM (STUDY GUIDE)


WEEK of 4/29 through CANVAS: Complete Final Exam



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