Math Teacher's
Ten Commandments
Donald Edge & Ellen Freedman

  1. Thou shalt accept the challenge of teaching math and educate thyself in every way so that students will learn.
2. Thou shalt recognize that some students fear or dislike math and be compassionate and understanding when teaching.
3. Thou shalt convey to students that their self worth is unrelated to their math skills.
4. Thou shalt adapt teaching strategies to meet the different learning styles of students.
5. Thou shalt respect all student questions as you would have them respect yours.
6. Thou shalt pursue the response of "I still don't understand" through different avenues until there is understanding.

7. Thou shalt not ask a class "Do you understand?" Instead, thou shalt determine what each student knows and does not know, and address student problems individually.
8. Thou shalt identify students in need of extra help and make certain they get it.
9. Thou shalt actively involve students in class, assign daily homework and quiz frequently, knowing that student discipline comes from teacher discipline.
10. Though they may at times seem few, thou shalt count thy blessings.


by Donald Edge & Ellen Freedman, All Rights Reserved.